Water Softening

Samways Bathrooms will demonstrate, advise, supply, and fit a water softener which has numerous advantages.

If your home is in a hard water area (and most of Hampshire is!) softening your water with a water softening unit will save you money. Water softeners treat your water supply as it enters your house and provide many benefits:

  • A scale free cylinder and pipes giving you a more efficient and long lasting central heating system
  • It takes 50% less soap and shampoo to produce a much better lather
  • Hair will be shinier and more manageable and skin will feel softer
  • Domestic appliances last longer and it is not necessary to buy descalers, dishwasher salt or fabric conditioner
  • There will be a 50% reduction in the general household cleaning products required to keep your home clean  
  • Sanitary ware lasts longer and is easier and quicker to clean
  • Shower heads will always spray like new , shower screens and taps will not have scale deposits and will only need a quick wipe to keep them sparkling.  
  • An Improvement in skin conditions such as eczema 

Installing a water softener makes economical sense and it will pay for itself over time. You will never have to worry about limescale ever again, and your central heating system will require less maintenance, and will be less likely to break down. 

Our water softeners are small and simple, fitting neatly into a kitchen cupboard or your garage. They require very little servicing and they are backed by an optional 10-year peace of mind guarantee. 

Please contact us to request a free demonstration and speak to us about installing a water softener in your home.